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"Stop Wasting Time Doing Stupid Fine Barra, Begging Family And Twitter Folks To Support You!"
"Discover How To Start ANY Business In Nigeria -Without Capital, Fine Barra...Or Suffocating Bank Loans"

In this Spanking-New and Updated 3rd edition, Nigeria's most-feared copywriter Waju Abraham takes you by the hand, and walks you through the steps required to start your own business -even if you're currently in debt with nothing in the bank.

Based on true life experiences, Waju debunks the ancient myth that "You need money to make money".

Whether you're an underpaid and overworked employee -or even if your business is presently stuck in the mud, OR you're just finishing your NYSC and you don't want to take a job (even though your willpower is slowly fading, because...cash), this book will set you on the path to finally starting an instantly profitable business from scratch.
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Who The Heck Is Waju Abraham?

waju abraham
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Seriously, you might have been living under a rock if you haven't heard of me. Lol.

Okay, I was this timid dude who stammered badly growing up. The kind who was invisible in high school and part of university UNTIL I got kicked out of Med School and in my bitterness of soul, I swore I would be richer than all my classmates by the time they were graduating.

That was when I discovered the secret to starting any business EVER without capital.

I made my first millions at the age of 27, trading stocks and Forex. 24 months years later however, I was back living in my parent's boys quarters.

So broke, in fact my wife (not the one in the pic. lol) deserted me and fled with our son.

Fighting depression, I sold my Honda Accord in a bid to revive business, only to end up blowing it all on binge drinking and pity parties.

I was a shadow of myself.

A former CEO and employer of labour, I was so miserable I eventually took up a job as a civil servant just to get by. It was then that I uncovered my copywriting potential.

I launched into the information marketing world, launching several successful products -and a few stillbirths. My breakthroughs and mistakes have made me an invaluable advisor to businesses looking to tackle internet marketing.

In August of 2016, I had had enough and I walked away from paid employment for the last time -without even dropping a quit letter.

Today, I am the first Nigerian copywriter to feature on JVZoo topsellers list (if you know what that means).

Whether you are new in business, or a multi-year veteran, (or you're presently brow-beaten by life), I will gift you with the clarity you need to uncover hidden wealth in your business and life, without trading your time and freedom.
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