Messenger Bot vs Email Marketing: The Ultimate Smackdown

Messenger Bot vs Email Marketing.

For almost a year now, I’ve been hearing bot this, bot that all over the place…and I must admit it almost got sickening. For one, I didn’t know how to run bots, secondly, I’ve never been quite the herd behaviour type.

And then one day, I sat up straight -like I’d been stung in the weeny -in public. Someone made a most-unusual statement.

It wasn’t just the person who said it that made me pay attention. It was the platform where he said it. A marketing expert at GetResponse was rooting aggressively for messenger bots!

How To Create, Package And Sell Your Own High Ticket Course And Attract High Paying Clients


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Well, actually there’s nothing bad (or wrong) about having a 1k product….

For example, I have a product that earns me N13.71 per user and it will generate over N156,000,000 this year –and every other year.

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#JumiaSuperStartup: How To Craft Your 60-Second Video Pitch #GrowYour Hustle

#jumiasuperstartup, startup pitch,

“The success of your pitch is dependent on how clearly you communicate the TRANSITION to a desired AFTERLIFE that it offers.”

My teenage years were totally miserable. I didn’t have a girlfriend -and if you’re here to learn how to craft a killer JumiaSuperStartup pitch, then you’d better pay attention.

You see, it wasn’t that I was dying for a girl, but I was under the inglorious pressure of my peers who shone brightly with the love letters they exchanged daily. I had to prove that I wasn’t…well, wood.

So this fateful Saturday in boarding school, I proposed to the love of my life. I’d spent the entire week memorizing my pitch that I was tense as a guitar string.

I couldn’t even dare take a shower, lest I “wash off” the words I’d stored in my head.

Needless to say, she turned me down.😭

That was 23 years ago. In hindsight, I have to admit I wasn’t prepared that day.

It is based on this that I will be teaching you how to craft a killer 60-second pitch.

In this post, I will show you…

  • Before you craft a word. What to ask yourself.
  • Where do people go when they die? The overarching principle of selling your idea to an audience. Miss this, and your idea dies.
  • F*ck you. Yea, I said it. If you make this mistake then, honestly, f*ck you.
  • The PAS Approach. Its the easiest way to turn on the heat.
  • The “Knife Twist”. Do this, and they won’t be able to sleep till they say yes to you.
  • The Power of Story. I started this post with one, but now, I show you the awesome power.
  • Did you forget something? This last mistake kills even the best pitches.

How To Craft Killer Press Release Hooks

press release hooks

You’ve undoubtedly heard about press releases. Maybe you’ve even written or issued a few of them in your career. The Press Release was created to control information given to the media. The first release was issued in 1906 when a train crashed and the railroad wanted to make sure that the public received accurate information about the incident.

The original press releases were formal in both tone and style. They’re written in the third person and presented the facts of the story. Today, much about a press release has changed, however, some of that formal style and structure still remains.

Today’s Press Release

Today press releases are still written in the third person. They are still primarily fact based. However, they also integrate many social media elements. They can be distributed online, via email, and published on your website.

How to Get Prospects to Come Running to Your Next Online Live Event


Having online events is fun and easy with Google Hangouts On Air. You can create a live event that is automatically recorded, which can be watched later and even edited and repackaged into something entirely new. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to having live events.

You can have live events to promote products or services, to answer questions that your customers have, to interview experts, and more. You can also just have an event to hang out with your fans. Whatever the reasons are, they are fun and with the new technology today, simple.

How to Give Away Great Content Without Giving Away the Store

content marketing

How do we keep from ‘giving away the store?’ That is, how do we keep from giving away what we’d normally charge clients to do for them?

This is a very common question and SUPERB question my new students always ask me. First, it means they’re thinking. If I am going to bribe people with a free report/lead magnet, how do I give enough value to compel people to give me their emails, and eventually buy from me?

The good news is, it only looks blue from a distance. To be honest, it’s actually easy to keep a hold on that store and reap the benefits of publishing content.

Here are a few examples that will illustrate how you can do this.

Everything Solopreneurs Should Know About Branding In Nigeria

branding in nigeria

A lot of people who hear the word, “branding” think about a logo, such as the McDonald’s one above. But effective branding is about far more than that.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of building a successful business. Yet few solopreneurs, that is, sole proprietors who have started their own business, ever sit down to think carefully about their branding strategy.

There are many reasons why large multi-national corporations have teams of people dedicated to managing branding. They know exactly the types of strategies and tactics to build global brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and more.

Fortunately, branding isn’t just for the big boys any more. Small business owners can brand their business effectively as well once they know how. Let’s look in the first chapter at exactly what branding is and how it can help your business.

Can you handle the truth?


There’s this story of the Warri guy
asking his neighbor to borrow his cutlass.
His neighbor says: “I can’t fit, abeg.
You no hear say ground hard for Kano ni…
As rain never fall?”

Puzzled, the guy says, a little irritated,
“Wetin consyn me for Kano? Na Delta we dey nah!”

And the farmer says: “When man no wan borrow
man him cutlass, na excuse he dey use tell am.”

Hey friend,

We human beings are very, very funny with language.

Consider the word “can’t”.

People use it often, casually, and, mostly,

As in: “I just can’t seem to lose weight”

Actually, barring a genuine flaw in your genes,
anybody can, in fact, lose weight.

There’s no mystery to it whatsoever.
Reduce fat, and empty carb intake,
add exercise.

The accurate word replacing “can’t” here
should be CHOOSE.

“I just seem to choose not to lose weight…”

“I choose to remain fat, ugly, unhealthy.”

Now, I know a lot of people who profess
belief in the Ten Commandments, yet they
lie like dogs daily to themselves.

Chai! You’d even think we could at least
exercise some private honesty with self. Mba!

In my field – publishing, consulting, coaching,
training – quite a few people excuse themselves
from doing the things necessary to be

In 10 years, I’ve heard every excuse under
the sun.

INTERESTINGLY, most quitters aren’t very
creative, and so even the 10 year list of
excuses is shockingly short.

One of the saddest is “I can’t afford it.”

When the great magician, Houdini,
moved from his country home to the city,
it required five full-size moving vans
just for his library of books about magic,
performance, psychology, salesmanship.

But guess what?

He did not acquire his library after
becoming Houdini. He acquired it in

Many years back, I decided that it was
better to STARVE than to not afford

If you’re the type who likes to
give excuse for your choices, you really
gotta hear this…

Frankly, I don’t give a flying f*ck,
and you do yourself no good with the

If you sincerely believe you can’t
afford to acquire the information that
leads so many to success….

At least be sincere about what you
do afford – your daily airtime/data runs,
your cigarettes, your nights out with
(possibly fake) friends.

Gene Simmons (Mega Entrepreneur) once wrote…

“Anyone under 30 and not yet rich, yet even
dreaming about taking a vacation should be shot.”


Anyone saying “I can’t afford it” to the
tools, support and direction needed to get to
the position where they no longer need support,
or to proffer such sad excuse needs a good
old fashioned, destiny-resetting Yoruba-mum slap.

In my opinion.

At least be honest. Look in the mirror
and say: I choose not to afford it.

Yesterday I told you about how
the rising Dollar makes it possible
for you to EASILY build a stable, dependable
income of 500k per month within 90 days
-without anything but your phone/laptop.

I also showed you a special video on
so you can get paid in dollars right
here in Nigeria.

I hope you watched the video, because tomorrow,
I will be revealing the full Walkthrough
How Affiliate Marketing Works.

If you’re yet to start a profitable business,
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no excuse to miss tomorrow’s email.

It took me 6 years to get the final piece
in the success blueprint, and I’ll be revealing
it ALL to you tomorrow.

Tell me you love me cus…

I love you, too!


PS: Yesterday, my Khaleesi was a year older.
As a birthday gift to her, we’ve (my students and I)
launched a brand new 7-figure blog for her business.
More news later.

PPS: Don’t you dare miss tomorrow’s email.
If you miss it, just unsubscribe yourself.
You’ve chosen to be average.

INFOGRAPHIC: Business Growth Matrix For The Digital Age


Less than 10 years ago, a 7-figure business being run from home was unimaginable. Today there are thousands of 7-figure home-based businesses in Nigeria —a good part of these run by young and middle-aged people who have never written a job application in their entire lives.

The message is very clear to even the most thick-skulled traditional business enterprise. People are no longer depending on “capital” to start and run a successful business. The real economy at play today is the List Economy –the economy of audiences. People like Linda Ikeji who bought a home last year for a price that got tongues wagging started with nothing but a PC about a decade ago. Seun Osewa of Nairaland has an audience of almost 2million Nigerians with an estimated daily income of N1,000,000.

But while the number of online ventures has dramatically increased during the past decade, the size of the average online business has not changed. Studies show that 95% of online businesses earn less than $1,000 per year.

The average online business in Nigeria has an audience of 117 regular participants in their email list. The “average” here refers to the point at which half the businesses are smaller and the other half are larger.

My studies estimate that smaller online businesses in Nigeria draw only 5% of the buying audience. Meanwhile, half of all online users or buyers flock to the largest 10 percent of online businesses, which includes online entrepreneurs with 350 or more regular participants.

It is safe to say therefore, that 90 percent of online businesses in Nigeria have fewer than 350 audience population.

The encouraging news is businesses of all sizes achieve their purposes, which is mostly to educate, mentor or train their audiences.

In this post, I will spotlight five categories of online businesses, ranging in size from 250 to almost 20,000.

“There is no ‘best size’ for an email list” says Padebi Ojomo, founder of “Each size category has its own challenges and also many opportunities for impact that other list size categories sizes cannot undertake effectively. By each supplying its own part, both the small and the big list can fulfil the huge void that formal education leaves with the Nigerian youth”

Padebi Ojomo, 7
Padebi Ojomo, CEO, Biz Savvy Chick Academy
Padebi herself founded her own online coaching business while caring for her newborn in the hospital intensive care unit about 6 years ago amid tubes and the whirr of machines fighting to keep the infant alive.

She survived -as did Padebi’s business idea.

The beauty of it all is that these success stories and statistics of these, combined with relevant trends and important findings, will spark up significant conversations among business leaders, learning institutions, SMEDAN, State Governments and other regulatory authorities to generate deeper-level understanding of the future of business, and motivate everyone to dream together of future possibilities for greater economic impact.

I believe that the most useful way to group businesses is to group them by list/audience size. Doing this reveals more helpful information for effective benchmarking and feedback than looking at their niches, location, or any of the other numerous methods of comparison.

What I have seen is that in every single niche, there are the leaders and the stragglers.

Grouping by list size has value for small- and medium-size business leaders attempting to gain a better traction of the leadership and organizational shifts necessary to grow past size barriers.

It is on this premise that I have developed the “Business Growth Matrix” (see chart, below) to highlight the transitions that take place as a business continues to grow beyond specific size points.

infographic business growth matrix for the digital age
The Business Growth Matrix explores five types of organizational change that take place as a business grows in the digital age, including: audience size, orientation, structure, the founder’s role, and culture.

The Business Growth Matrix identifies six size categories of businesses, four of which are profiled in this and the following two issues.

Perhaps, the most critical reason for entrepreneurial leadership mistakes is blindness to the significance of list size.

List size has an enormous impact on how a business functions.

Up close, and with trained eyes, it becomes obvious that ‘size culture’ affects how decisions are made, how relationships flow, how effectiveness is evaluated, and what founders/owners, staff, and managers do.

A large business is not simply a bigger version of a small one.


Every business has a central organizing principle or orientation. The small list size is driven by a family or relational orientation, with high value placed on the founder knowing every single one subscriber by name. Often these businesses are comprised of one or two extended families that play a key advisory/technical role for the business.

Advantages like these are what downplay the overhyped “need for capital” that traditional businesses exhibit. Capital becomes insignificant when starting an online business.

In fact, Medical Doctor, Entrepreneur and founder of Port-Harcourt based Snappi Labs, Ifiok Nkem, says “It is statistically advisable to NOT have too much money when starting your online business. Ifiok generated N160,000,000 in 5 days in November, 2016 selling a tiny software that lets people build mobile apps without any coding/programming knowledge.

Photo: Nkem with Otunba Akin Alabi, founder of (a Giga-Business) at WebX Conference 2014.
As the online business grows and the possibility of knowing everyone decreases, a medium-sized e-business begins to function as a collection of businesses with several product groups or teams.

Systems (called Funnels in the trade) begin to take precedence over what is acceptable to the just any one with a whim, and the order is a very strong catalyst for growth.

As a business reaches the large-sized phase, it is critical that another shift be made to an organizational orientation where there are additional structures and more organized group life.

The emerging megabusiness can function like an oversized large business or begin to function in such a way as to truly become an emerging megabusiness; this grouping of businesses, therefore receives the classification of having a hybrid orientation.

Depending on the philosophy or previous exposure of the leadership, the emerging megabusiness can either maintain the same menu of product groups, or it can once again explore new structures to spur continued growth.

Upon reaching the megabusiness level, the mindset begins to shift to resemble that of a corporation where the bottom line drives more decisions and the number of relational entry points is simplified and clearly defined, and people are guided into specific environments.

At last, the entrepreneur suddenly has the mindspace to invest in Automation.

If a business reaches the gigabiz level (10,000 or more in weekly emails), then based on sheer size, its orientation assumes that of a mini-religion or even cult-following, and often the by-products include specialized conferences (eg, Russell Brunson’s Funnel Hacking Live!), self-published trainings and books, and other resources that support and reinforce the brand or flavor of that particular business.

It seems to me that this growth is compulsory, but not enforced.

I say this because if a business does not make the appropriate and required adjustments, then it will either plateau for a time, or decline back to the previous smaller-size category.

The pull downward is stronger than the pull upward. Its called attrition. Grow -or die.


Lets visualize the small online business as a “single kiosk”. Most times, the single kiosk small business is internally focused on meeting the needs and concerns of those who are already in the circle.

When a small business experiences growth, the single kiosk is stretched as it becomes a medium-sized business.

The medium business is comparable to when my Dad bounced me from sleeping in my Mum’s bed, after my baby sister’s birth

What happens is that the small e-business has come of age to be called a medium size e-business. but the mindset required to run a mid-sized business is not yet installed.

The multiple cells of a large business set it apart from a medium business. In a large business, most subscribers are involved in a mix of multiple touchpoints, with most having little or no contact with one another. The focus often includes a balance between the external and internal, and new leads find quicker, easier entry points into funnel.

Also, the leadership is representative of multiple product groups within the business.

The emerging megabusiness continues to expand as it focuses on multiplying product groups and service options available in an effort to meet everyone’s needs.

Oftentimes, the strategy of emerging megabusinesses becomes somewhat fragmented or diffused as it tries to mirror existing megabusinesses rather than creating the new functional structures that best fit its inherent strengths.

Megabusinesses best achieve a simplified structure as they work to redefine their business strategy and sharpen it intentionally in just a few directions for future growth.

Finally, the structure of the gigabiz is often best reflected by multiple events.

Gigabusinesses are still the primary drivers behind the multi-event movement, and now online webinars have opened a new platform for even greater impact.


The reality is the more product groups your business has per 100 in audience, the better cared for subscribers are, and the faster your business will grow.

Get Featured On CNN, Time Magazine Next Month -For FREE!

get featured on cnn waju abraham

Becoming the go-to expert in your market becomes so much easier when you’re already seen as an authority and a leader by your prospects and clients.

It elevates you above the noise and is key to getting a consistent stream of new prospects and appointments for your business.

The problem is, achieving that kind of status can take time and cost a lot of money…at least if you’re doing it the old fashioned way.

But is it possible to attain go-to expert, authority, leadership status almost overnight… just by being yourself and understanding how to gain the credibility that so many are paying thousands of dollars for?


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