Can you handle the truth?

by Waju

There’s this story of the Warri guy
asking his neighbor to borrow his cutlass.
His neighbor says: “I can’t fit, abeg.
You no hear say ground hard for Kano ni…
As rain never fall?”

Puzzled, the guy says, a little irritated,
“Wetin consyn me for Kano? Na Delta we dey nah!”

And the farmer says: “When man no wan borrow
man him cutlass, na excuse he dey use tell am.”

Hey friend,

We human beings are very, very funny with language.

Consider the word “can’t”.

People use it often, casually, and, mostly,

As in: “I just can’t seem to lose weight”

Actually, barring a genuine flaw in your genes,
anybody can, in fact, lose weight.

There’s no mystery to it whatsoever.
Reduce fat, and empty carb intake,
add exercise.

The accurate word replacing “can’t” here
should be CHOOSE.

“I just seem to choose not to lose weight…”

“I choose to remain fat, ugly, unhealthy.”

Now, I know a lot of people who profess
belief in the Ten Commandments, yet they
lie like dogs daily to themselves.

Chai! You’d even think we could at least
exercise some private honesty with self. Mba!

In my field – publishing, consulting, coaching,
training – quite a few people excuse themselves
from doing the things necessary to be

In 10 years, I’ve heard every excuse under
the sun.

INTERESTINGLY, most quitters aren’t very
creative, and so even the 10 year list of
excuses is shockingly short.

One of the saddest is “I can’t afford it.”

When the great magician, Houdini,
moved from his country home to the city,
it required five full-size moving vans
just for his library of books about magic,
performance, psychology, salesmanship.

But guess what?

He did not acquire his library after
becoming Houdini. He acquired it in

Many years back, I decided that it was
better to STARVE than to not afford

If you’re the type who likes to
give excuse for your choices, you really
gotta hear this…

Frankly, I don’t give a flying f*ck,
and you do yourself no good with the

If you sincerely believe you can’t
afford to acquire the information that
leads so many to success….

At least be sincere about what you
do afford – your daily airtime/data runs,
your cigarettes, your nights out with
(possibly fake) friends.

Gene Simmons (Mega Entrepreneur) once wrote…

“Anyone under 30 and not yet rich, yet even
dreaming about taking a vacation should be shot.”


Anyone saying “I can’t afford it” to the
tools, support and direction needed to get to
the position where they no longer need support,
or to proffer such sad excuse needs a good
old fashioned, destiny-resetting Yoruba-mum slap.

In my opinion.

At least be honest. Look in the mirror
and say: I choose not to afford it.

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Tell me you love me cus…

I love you, too!


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