Do what you love???

by Waju

Motivational Speakers masking as business coaches
with nothing but a glib tongue and a gullible
audience have the world chanting “Do what you love!!!”

Like seriously?

Makes me want to throw up!

This is why Lagos is filled with mugus
calling themselves entrepreneurs with no experience,
no customers, and no idea of what they really want
to build.

Oya, Try it nah. Invest in what you love.

You go wake up one day agree say “canal no be gutter”!

I want to talk about the dark moon that eclipses
the joy and fulfillment that being in business
should bring to many young people.


Let me illustrate…

46 days ago, I stopped going to work.

I mean my day-job.

I just stopped going.

I didn’t drop a quit letter, or anything like that.

I simply didn’t have the strength to act normal
any longer. The employee in me was dead…
so dead he can’t hear me now. So dead,
he can’t reason Buharinomically and
keep a job people are dying to have.

I just couldn’t bring myself to wake up
early to go to a job whose comfort
keeps me from being my best. I mean a job where
you know that you will always get paid
even if all you do there daily is to gist,
and ping…and if you don’t have electricity
in your area, you can bring all your
rechargeable devices…even the stub of
your rechargeable Binatone fan to
coman charge.

I was tired of a pay that had dwindled
from when I started, almost 6 years ago.

I was tired of the queries for not coming
to “work”, when I had to do my personal

I was tired of letting a job be my excuse
for not letting my very lucrative business
grow as it can.

I was just tired.

Now, please don’t try this at home.

I was probably never cut out for the
workplace. I am a rebel by nature.
I hate combing my hair.
I hate waking up early.
I hate sleeping at night like normal people.

Did my wife get mad? Did she “lock” my
shirt and report me to my pastor?

Thankfully, no. Lol.

She understood my frustration. She knew
it was coming, and when I got queried
for missing work because I had to be
by her side during delivery, she was too.

Surprisingly, My parents didn’t worry
or fear too. They had come to terms with
the fact that I’m cut for the off-road
journey. I’ve made my bones.

So is this just a rant where I get
to gloat about my courage?

Haba, no ooo!

I actually want to talk about business.

I meet former colleagues and they look sad
when I tell them I quit.

For some, it is because they’re sad for me.
For most however, it is because they feel
bad that they can’t leave like I did.

But Hell no, you can’t leave like I did.

You don’t have my experience. You don’t know
what I know either.

Hear me now, and hear me well….you just don’t
leave your job because “you don’t want to
work for anybody”.

You leave because you have, not just a plan,
but the skills and experience AND CONTACTS
to make your plan real.

That’s what a plan really is… SKILLS,

Do you have those?


Mehn, stick to your job and wait
for a payday.

Stories of aburos like Mark Zuckerberg
who became billionaires have destroyed

Mind you, Mark was a programmer before
he got to Harvard. He didn’t just have
an idea, and Kpam, just like that
he became a billionaire.

Entrepreneurship Porn happens
when you base your expectation of business
upon the sweet tales of Richard Branson
who was dyslexic, or Steve Jobs who
started in his garage, or Michael Dell
who left medical school. (I almost quit
Med School for “ministry” once. Lol.
Thank God for my mums prayers)

I’ve been in business for over a decade.
I’ve made millions, lost millions and
even owed millions.

Can you face that?

If you cannot owe Iya Mukaila N500
without losing sleep….Heck! You won’t even
pass her street again. Hian!

The Real Deal -Those Pesky Motivational Speakers Won’t Tell You This

All these sweet tales of fast millions
do not even come close to describing

And just like watching porn can never
be like the real deal of sliding your
256GB USB into your very own Mac computer,
following sexy success stories
can never make you an entrepreneur.
I swear down.

Dan Ndukwe, a friend puts it this way
The porn makes it incredibly difficult
to see what’s really going on beneath
the surface. It makes it almost impossible
to truly understand what it takes to start,
grow, and eventually sell a successful company.

Truth is…

Most people are in the wrong business.

In other words you just might not know
that that fastgrowth business you “want” to
do won’t work.

You see if you go to work to create the
best looking and coolest Business on earth
for a market that doesn’t want what you
“THINK” they want, then your finished

This is why you’ve got to make sure
you’re going Into The Game with a Product
that is wanted and a Model that is effective.

To start with, you’ve got to answer this question
that all smart entrepreneurs ask before anything

How can I create a solution to an urgent
problem in the marketplace?


What products/services does my target audience
ALREADY love and pay for?

There’s nothing about you in the equation
for a bestselling product…It’s all about
the market.

NOT what YOU want, or think the market wants…
BUT what the market “Says” it wants!

But Enough of this already…who no go hear word
no go hear word.

If you like, slap your boss then go and jump
into business anyhow.

Walahi, You go know say canal different
from gutter.

A word is enough for the nice.


Waju the Badass

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