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Becoming the go-to expert in your market becomes so much easier when you’re already seen as an authority and a leader by your prospects and clients. 

It elevates you above the noise and is key to getting a consistent stream of new prospects and appointments for your business.

The problem is, achieving that kind of status can take time and cost a lot of money…at least if you’re doing it the old fashioned way.

But it is possible to attain go-to expert, authority, leadership status almost overnight… just by being yourself and understanding how to gain the credibility that so many are paying thousands of dollars for?

Ask me how I did it, and I will tell you about HARO (aka

HARO is a platform for being interviewed by a reporter from Time magazine, CNN, and other important blogs out there. Of course, there a few other who do this, but I’ve come to prefer HARO because…well, I knew them first.

So let’s get to business.

I must warn you though, there are two tricky challenges which are actually understandable. 

  1. These news hungry reporters get lots of responses per query. So you need to learn how to get their attention out of say 200 to 1,000 replies. Of course, a little copywriting training will help along the line, but I’ll help you figure the rest out in this post. So stay tuned.
  2. HARO sends queries 3 times daily, so much it looks like spam, but you asked for it, right? What to do is create a special label or folder for HARO mails. 

One more tricky part? Picture them sending their mails to 30k recipients. You want to be one of the first to reply to relevant topics, or just plain forget it.
You want to be featured in the news,right? Well…here’s the thing.

If you want it badly enough, then it probably is worth it to set up an alarm system that reminds you to check your mail at the times they send mail. Smart, eh?

GUARANTEE! No I’m not selling, but if you can follow this guide, I promise you results in 40 days, or less.

Okay, let’s say you did all these, and you finally find a news query that’s in your zone and the topic is about your expertise, or superpower. 

How do you reply a HARO news query?

I’ll show you a live example and illustrate as we go. Shall we?

  1. Depending on your niche (mine is business), you get emails like this. You scroll down, and see the listed queries. They look like this…

I like the first query which addresses something I talk about all the time. So I scroll further down for the full gist.

Pay attention here.

The first thing to note is the reporters name. Hello Dustin!

Also note the media outlet. Would be nice if it were from Time, or HuffPost, but lead genius is fine with me.

Read the query and make sure you understand what Dustin is talking about. I normally keep,the query page in view to keep me in line. I don’t want to ramble on and miss the point.

So here are a few tips to do that right.

  1. Follow the instructions in the query. Don’t try to be smart.
  2. Go straight to the point.
  3. So not send multiple replies to the same query. (If you forget a point though, you need to resend everything)
  4. Be concise.

Check out my reply to Dustin.

There it is! Wasn’t so hard, was it?

 Finally, -and most people miss this- NOTIFY YOURSELF.

That’s right! Don’t wait for a glorious email acknowledging your deep wisdom and the eventual publication. Hehehe. Reporters are still mostly pesky, and VERY BUSY. They won’t tell you they quoted you.

So how do you know if they took action and used your pitch?

Well, Google is still your friend. Set up Google news notifications, and get alerted anytime someone mentions your name on the Internet. I’m assuming nobody knows you yet, so it’s pretty safe to do this. WARNING! If you’re Donald Trump, don’t try it.

A  better option I have found is BuzzSumo news monitoring. of course, the fact that it is better means it is a PAID service.

If you get this right, you’re well on your way to being seen as an expert, and you can start placing all those bragging rights on your website.

Nice, eh?

Have you used HARO before? How long did it take you to get featured? What new tips can you share with readers?

Comment below.

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  • February 17, 2017

    Implementing right away.

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    May 24, 2018

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