Mean Genes…Why we fail.

by Waju

Have you ever wondered why we do
the darndest things ever?

Have you (like me. lol) caught yourself
doing something utterly stupid before?

Well, here’s the gist…

Some scientists wrote a book, and
titled it…”Mean Genes” (You guessed right)
In the book, they tried to explain how
we inherited fear from our ancestors.

I’ll explain…

According to them, scared people flee from
war…they avoid conflict and always
take the easier path to stay alive.

And guess what? They actually stay alive,
while the bold, the courageous, and valiant
mostly die in war.

Make sense?

The bad news is that (according to them),
we are the offspring of the losers. 😀 😀 😀

Now, it sounds funny kinda, but…
there’s a truth to it.

You see, it helps me explain my fears
…and insecurities. Its not all my fault!

All those negative emotional states
being handed down from one generation to
the other…pressed down, shaken together,
running over.. CHAI!

No wonder we fear to take the right steps
in life!

BUt then, while that is okay…

Will we pass this fear to our kids??? Scary Stuff!

Now, that reminds me!

Last week, I offered you the chance
to get SOCIAL SIPHON for just 1k.
If you missed the memo
(which is unlikely), you can read about it here.

But did you take action?

I know why…you were scared of course.
And its ok, really…

But if we will take specific steps
towards ensuring our kids don’t grow up
even worse wimps than we are…

Then we need to stop being wussies,
and start taking the needed steps
towards the goals that we seek this year.

And And if the 1k discount wasn’t enough
to have you heading to the bank,
I also offered FOUR free gifts
believing they’d surely do the trick:

Bonus 1: Private Coaching Call with Me! In this 30-
minute session we’ll strategize your time in our S.S studio
with a focus on creating sales funnels that generate…

Bonus 2: High Converting Lead Magnet Checklist.
This is my personal checklist that covers every step of the
process in getting your lead magnet generating a flood of
ready-to-buy traffic to your website.

Bonus 3: Retargeting Crash Course – Like
Jumia, I will show you how to chase your website visitors
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Bonus 4: Performance Coaching Session – before
you launch your ads you’ll spend 30-
minutes with ME your performance coach. It’s no joke -I am
the “Secret Weapon” for a lot of big names being
profitable online.

All that for one bloody K…

Yet your fear said NO.

Well played, friend!

But guess what (this is getting long)

My fear also said NO, don’t offer it.

“They won’t value it.”

“Its too cheap.”

“We have bills to pay.”

“Yada, yada, yada”

But I said SHUT UP, and did it.

Can you tell you fear to SHUT UP?

Talk later.


PS- Cowardice is contagious and transmissible
along bloodlines. Thats why I dont blame
you for missing my 1K Offer
last week.
Whatever you do, please don’t pass fear
down your bloodline.

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