More profit, less work…

by Waju

What is the one thing that you can do
to instantly double your business
-without adding liabilities?

Sorry, I forgot. Where’re my manners sef?!

Hello and good morning to you!

I’m so excited to be sharing stuff that
actually liberates your business when
you implement it right.

In fact, I’m sure most people know it,
but the problem is in the implementation.

It’s the reason Mudi the tailor charges
way more than Afeez the tailor. Both are
tailors. They use the same equipment…
Sewing Machine.

Yet they earn differently.

The secret is in positioning as an authority
in your specific niche.

Mudi organizes and attends fashion shows.
That’s all.

But Waju, I’m not a tailor nah.

It’s even easier when you’re not a tailor.

Take a look at one of our members, John Adebusoye.


But does he sell MLM upfront? Hell, no!

Rather, he positions as an expert in MLM recruitment.
His blog is one of the top MLM Advisory Blogs
in Nigeria.

Without much ado, here’s what I would do
if I were to start a business from scratch,
skip the hard work and drudgery, and rise to
the top like a muthafuckr.

1.) Create a blog on your niche business.
(It could be plumbing, dating, akwa Ibom cuisine)

2.) Cover every subject, question, problem in
the niche. (I’ll show you how to do this tomorrow)

3.) Create evergreen (not trending) content.

4.) Build a list (even if you don’t have
a product yet).

5.) Interview experts in your niche.

Let me quickly point out that there’s a difference
between an Expert and somebody who is an authority.

Oprah is an Othority. Her boyfriend, Stedman Graham,
is an Expert. She built her career by associating
with Experts.

You can do the same.

I also want to point out that you don’t need to
“Have Passion”
like those motivational ape-shits
told you.

What makes business succeed isn’t passion. It
is being in a profitable niche.

Here’s the truth…

There’s a chance you’re in the wrong business…
A business that lacks hungry,money-waving people.

Tomorrow, I’ll be showing you how NOT to waste
your money or time on a dead niche. (A lot of
people are doing this, and they can’t stop
because of they ego problems) smh.

Let me know if you’re following this post by
replying this email. Your comments are like
Burantashi to my brain.?



PS- Stay tuned for a very special PRE-VALENTINE
coming up on 10th February.
It’s embarrassingly unheard of.

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