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What You Will Be Getting

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Why The Hell Would This Guy Give Me All These Life-Changing Stuff For Just 997 Naira (Less Than The Price Of 1 Shawarma)?

Some people become marketers because they want to live the internet lifestyle (vacations, traveling, working from home and the likes), others join the business because it makes them look cool and popular, I became a marketer because of something else entirely: HUNGER.

I used to be a teacher- I worked in a school and I offered some private lessons on the side.

Then I lost my job and I had to manage the income I was getting from the private lessons alone. Shortly after, the Corona Lockdown came and I lost my private lesson contracts too.

I had no savings, nobody to help me, and no means of getting another job during the lockdown.

Things got so bad that I became homeless- the only accommodation I could get was shelter in a church.

Affiliate Marketing Saved Me

That was the time I began to look into alternatives- I knew I had to find a way or die homeless and hungry:

  1. I tried paid surveys
  2. I dabbled into content creation.
  3. I tried freelancing 
  4. And a few other systems

But none of them paid me until I discovered affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing was perfect for a struggling guy like me who had little to zero experience in marketing.

  • I didn’t have to buy anything before I could sell
  • I didn’t have to attend to customers
  • I could do it without having a kobo
  • I didn’t have to leave the church where I was squatting (after I got evicted by my landlord)
  • And It took me less than 2 hours of work per day.

Within my first 30 days of entering the world of affiliate marketing, I had made enough money to move out of the church and get a new apartment. Since then, it has been from one level of wealth to the next… 

It didn’t happen overnight; it took a lot of focus, crazy determination, coupled with serious hunger: It was win or die situation.

In short, I struggled to get here and I know how hard it can be when you’re trying to make headway and survive in a fvcked-up economy like this Buharian Economy. I know many try but few succeed. 

That is why I decided to give you access to my Winning Affiliate Program (WAP) to give you a head start and hopefully launch you into your next level of wealth.

Initially, I wanted to make it FREE (Even though I could easily sell it for 50k to my email subscribers), but I’ve tried that and it never works.

People don’t give much of a fvck about the things they get for free; try offering people free live training and see how many of those who register will eventually turn up.

Free stuff won’t change people’s lives. And I will no longer waste my time on futile endeavours.

That is why I added a commitment fee of 997 Naira.

I know anyone who pays that commitment fee (though negligible) should be serious enough to show up for the 2 live trainings, and use everything I give them judiciously.

The question now is are you success-hungry enough to sacrifice 997 Naira to move to the next level of your wealth journey?

Will you commit yourself to something that could change the course of your life positively and permanently or you would rather maintain the status quo?

You don’t need to answer. The button below will answer for you.

Yours in wealth,

King Seyi Bryta