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Recently, the Nigeria Governors' Forum asked the civil service to sack all workers above the age of 50- even if they've only worked for one week.

That's ⅓ of all the civil servants in Nigeria.

You may call it an act of wickedness but the truth is Nigeria is bleeding.

The economy is sick and sooner or later, more workers will be sacked- both civil servants and private workers.

Yet, many Npower volunteers are still hoping to get a "permanent" job from the government.

I don't blame you if you have a similar dream, I used to be like that too while serving under Npower…

I hoped for a government appointment and worked hard- getting used like a donkey in my PPA

In the end, my Npower hustle ended like a bad dream and I was left jobless and confused.

It took me time but I eventually found a way to make money consistently and legitimately without depending on an employer ever again.

I could show you how I did it, but first of all: 


I grew up in a military home. Hence, the desire to serve my country came naturally.

As soon as I graduated from NCE, I bought a form to join the army and serve my fatherland like my dad, and my granddad.

I was this close to joining the army when I discovered the dirty secrets of the Nigerian Army:

Soldiers get treated poorly while the generals eat their money,

When soldiers die, they make it hard for their families to get their benefits.

To make it worse, there were solid pieces of evidence that some high-ranking officers planned with Boko Haram to waste their recruits.

Though I could have joined with a good rank, I backed out.

I couldn't see myself in such a twisted organization.

I still wanted to serve my country though, so I joined Npower (First Batch)

It gave me the opportunity to help little children and I enjoyed it- hoping to use it as a door to the civil service.

They gave us hope but in the end, it was all a lie…

Npower ended and they threw us back to the streets.

It got so bad, that I became homeless and I had to be sleeping in another person's shop.

In my hunger and desperation, I swore to never work for anyone again.

Long story short, I did it…

I broke out of the slavery called "employment" and got my life back- the former homeless guy now gives scholarships to people easily.

My desire to help people is stronger than ever and I want to help you too.

I want to show you how to take full control of your life and be a blessing to others.

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Yours and truly empowered,

King Seyi Wajuson Bryta.